Launched in 2009, the SUANFC Foundation is a division of the University of Sydney Sports Foundation (USSF) and allows donors to make tax deductible pledges to help ensure the club’s sustained ability to provide the best possible football environment to its current and future members, friends, and supporters.

Since 2009, SUANFC has:

  1. increased and maintained participation of seven teams
  2. sustained an U18, now u19s Colts side, producing five AFL listed players
  3. become a benchmark Sydney AFL and now NEAFL club on and off the field
  4. maintained a commitment to junior football club player and coaching development
  5. invested in the development of its own coaching ranks
  6. grown a management team to include one permanent full-time and three part-time positions
  7. entered a side in the state league, the North East Australian Football League (NEAFL).


All of the above has been made possible by sustained and increased support from Sydney University Sport and Fitness (SUSF) who have shown they are the club’s most enduring supporter. Successive club committees have worked hard to develop the professional commercial management of the club, attracting meaningful and durable commercial and engaged philanthropic supporters.

Notwithstanding, the only way to provide permanent, disaster-proof security for members is for the club to build a future fund of its own, independent of the support provided by SUSF or any of the club’s valued partners. The foundation allows the club the opportunity to build this future fund.

A solid foundation, a secure football future

The development and success of some of the highest profile clubs at the University of Sydney have been underpinned by foundations supported by alumni, including  rugby, cricket and boating.

It’s our turn now to show what the continued success of SUANFC means to us. Pledges are being called for today! Every little bit helps, and no dollar amount is too small.

Please make a pledge

All pledges are tax deductible, and no amount is too small.

If you would like to pledge a single one-off amount, please use this form.

If you would like to pledge periodically (monthly, quarterly, yearly), please use this form.

Please send completed pledge forms to:

Advancement Services, Building G02
The University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia
fax 61 2 9351 5688
ABN: 15211513464  Charitable Fundraising No: 10369
CODE: 2400 47315 D0645 P

Also email a copy of the form to

Thank you for your generous support!

What is the SUANFC Foundation?

The SUANFC Foundation is a division of the University of Sydney Sports Foundation (USSF). All SUSF Clubs with a division are represented on the USSF Representative Council, which convenes monthly to report on pledge and fundraising activity through the various club-based divisions. All funds donated to the Australian Football division are for the exclusive future use of SUANFC.

The SUANFC Foundation allows supporters of the club to make tax deductible donations to go towards a capital reserve as well as develop a future income stream for the club.

Why a foundation?

Significant capital reserve behind the club will secure its future and send a clear message to our stakeholders, including all levels of the AFL, SUSF and the university. It will demonstrate that the club, in its own right, has the financial strength to maintain its position as a significant part of the sporting landscape at the University of Sydney and within the national, state and local AFL community.

We have a strong history of punching above our weight, and it is now time to establish financial assurance by building our own foundation. While SUSF support and commercial activity have grown to the extent that SUANFC is now a leading Sydney AFL club, when measuring annual sponsorship income as reported in Sydney AFL annual benchmarking reports, we consistently rank at the lower end of the 11 clubs in the Sydney Premier Division in terms of fundraising income. In 2011 we ranked as the third lowest of the Premier Division clubs, while across all 21 Sydney AFL clubs, eight achieved a greater fundraising income. This continuing trend comes as the club faces off against NEAFL clubs, with some operating reported seven figure budgets.

We have increased club sponsorship tenfold in the last five to seven years, and the foundation gives us an opportunity permanently signal our intent to secure the club’s future.

How does it work?

Our objective is to raise in excess of $500,000 between 2012 and 2017. We need strong and committed alumni who will support the club into the future. We are working closely with the university who will invest and administer the foundation funds, which when they reach appropriate levels will provide a revenue stream for the club as well as a financial security blanket to be accessed in times of need.