Growthbuilt SUANFC Foundation - Supporting the club that supports you

The Growthbuilt SUANFC Foundation is a division of the University of Sydney Sports Foundation (USSF) and allows donors to make tax-deductible donations to help ensure the club’s sustained ability to provide the best possible football environment to its current and future members, friends, and supporters.

This year the foundation is aiming at raising funds and awareness of the following campaigns.

  • Oval No.1 Scoreboard
  • Preparing for the Future – Oval No.1
  • Named Sporting Scholarships

Please note the Oval No.1 Scoreboard is the Key Focus of our funding drive for 2021

You can now donate online to the clubs foundation and the scholarship program ( selecting the donation for sporting scholarship or specific sport option and you will then see the option for the Sporting Clubs, Australian Rules Football Division.

You can also download the latest Foundation brochure and donation forms from the links below:

Oval No.1 Scoreboard

This years focus will be on raising funds for Facilities Improvements.  We will start with raising funds to help pay for the new digital scoreboard that was installed on Oval No.1 at the end of 2020.

This new electronic scoreboard replaces the old wooden cricket scoreboard and can be tailored to suit both Aussie Rules and Cricket on any given weekend.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Gifts of any amount are encouraged.

Preparing for the Future – Oval No.1

We have the vision to improve our home ground, University No. 1 Oval, up to state league standards. This will support higher standards of football to be played on campus in front of a healthy Uni crowd.

All this cannot be achieved without the engagement and financial support of our players, past and present, members, alumni, club partners and supporters.  We hope you can contribute towards this program, remembering that donations to the Australian Rules Football division of the University of Sydney Sport Foundation (USSF) are fully tax deductible.

Named Sporting Scholarships

To date, the foundation has already funded two named sporting scholarship, in honour of club legends, Harvey ‘Banger’ Gordon, and Rodney Tubbs.

We continue to seek individual members, a family or a corporate donor who can provide a gift or a pledge of at least $30,000 over a five year period.  This pledge will carry with it the perpetual naming rights to a Sporting Scholarship.

Funds received are preserved in trust.  This enables you to make a significant contribution to Sporting Scholarships and receive perpetual recognition.  Named sporting scholarships are awarded as soon as sufficient seed capital has been pledged or donated, but they become perpetually named sporting scholarships on payment in full of the $30,000 asking price.

So, if you, your family or business are in a position to, please give consideration to endowing a Sydney University Australian Rules Football scholarship in your own name.

Our Club; hopefully, from our membership base, can achieve two (2) named scholarships in the short term, with much more to come over the years ahead.

We can’t do this without your help!  Please give generously

Everybody will have their own reasons for donating, whatever your reason, we thank you for your generous support!

Robert Goodall, Growthbuilt SUANFC Foundation Representative



To make a pledge or donation simply fill in the Donation Form and return it to Growthbuilt SUANFC (via email to  You can choose how often, and how much you give.  All contributions will make a difference, no matter how large or small.


Donations to the Australian Rules Football division of the University of Sydney Sport Foundation (USSF) are fully tax deductible.


The Growthbuilt SUANFC Foundation is a division of the University of Sydney Sports Foundation (USSF).  All SUSF Clubs with a division are represented on the USSF Representative Council, which convenes monthly to report on pledge and fundraising activity through the various club-based divisions.  All funds donated to the Australian Football division are for the exclusive future use of Growthbuilt SUANFC.

The Growthbuilt SUANFC Foundation allows supporters of the club to make tax-deductible donations to go towards a capital reserve as well as develop a future income stream for the club.