Best and Fairest Winners

Men’s Premier Division – Tim Driscoll Medal: Lewis Stevenson

Women’s Premier Division – Bella Gray

Men’s Premier Division Reserves– Harvey Gordon Medal: Matt Powys

Colts Division 1 – Jason McLennan Medal: Samuel McCready

Colts Division 2 – Laurie Kirwan Medal: 

Men’s Division 1: Fraser Wells

Women’s Division 2: Rosie Beasley

Men’s Division 2 – Fintan O’Connor Medal: Nicholas Jenneke

Men’s Division 3 Golds: Alex Powys

Men’s Division 3 Yellows: Joshua Turner

Women’s Division 4: Theodora Von Armin


Club Awards

Cec and Bunty Champion Club Person of the Year: Dani Paszkiewicz

Will Macbeth Young Club Person of the Year: Mox Hochuli

Ashlee Morgan Blue & Gold Award: Angela Knight

Outstanding Contributions: Andrew Holmes, Tom Kirkham, Jemma Still, Richard Hawtin

Men’s Rising Star – Chas Wilkinson Medal: Luke Gallen

Women’s Rising Star – Kara Durante

Most Consistent Player – Col Keeble Medal: Bella Gray

Best First Year Player: Holly Kovac

Most Improved Player: Will Gibbs and Lauren Maneschi