U19 Div 1

Player profile: Bella Gray

Get to know women’s prems player, Bella Gray

Nickname: Bella, Gray on gray …okay

Team/position: Prems/Halfback

When did you start playing AFL for Syd Uni and what brought you here?

I started playing at USYD and AFL for the first time in 2019. I came to Sydney Uni because it looked like a fun group of people and had a good standard of AFL (also it was close to where I lived).

Which team mate would you want by your side during a zombie apocalypse? Emma G – a tech wizard and a little speed dynamo.

Growing up who was your favourite player and why? Paul Kelly, he came and did a talk at my primary school when I was young, first time I first heard of AFL was from him.

Does your jersey number have any significance?

Number 22 – None whatsoever – I think I picked whatever was leftover, but I think I may stick to this one.

Do you have a game day superstition/ritual?

Have a lot of coffee, but I also do this every day

Most embarrassing moment on the footy field (yours or someone else’s):

Getting absolutely fed astroturf at Gore Hill while getting run down tackled on video. Full scorpion.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Empty the tank” tied with ‘if you’re not first you’re last’

What’s your best party trick?

The worm

What hobby did you pick up in lockdown?

Trained for a triathlon