U19 Div 1

Meet the Player: Emma

Emma Gelsomino

Nickname: Em G

Team/position: Ressies/Forward pocket

When did you start playing AFL for Syd Uni and what brought you here?

Started playing in 2019 after a few of my friends from the Men’s side convinced me to come for a kick around.


Best party trick?

Ghosting when it hits 9pm.


Most embarrassing moment on footy field?

My infamous “3 bounce”. When I hesitantly bounced the ball 3 times in the space of 10m when I could have just kicked it. I now know how far 15m is.


Game day ritual?

A good pre-game feed of chicken and chips from Clem’s chicken. Hoping to get a Clem’s sponsorship deal lined up next year if we take home the flag.


Teammate by your side during a zombie apocalypse?

Chiara… her bump and shepherd on those zombies would be more dangerous than any weapon.


Does my jersey have any significance?

I have always worn my “lucky” number 3 jersey. But after 2 concussions and torn AC in 2 seasons of footy it might be time to find a new lucky number for the 2021 season.


Team mate most likely to star in the Bachelorette?

I could see Abbey having a crack on the Bachelorette.  But, if Channel 10 is looking to get ratings up like the Sophie Monk season I would love to see G Davis based on her footy field chat.


Dream job?

Currently I’m in IT and spend 8 hours a day behind computer so probably a more active job. Like a firefighter. Or live out my childhood dream and be a CHERUB agent.

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