U19 Div 1

Rory Bresnahan

Nickname: Brez

Team/position: Ressies/Halfback

When did you start playing AFL for Syd Uni and what brought you here? Got introduced to Sydney Uni through my U17s coach Oscar Gibbons and started playing here in 2017.

Team mate most likely to star in the Bachelor/Bachelorette? Jack Pullinger would love it.

Which team mate would you want by your side during a zombie apocalypse? James Scutella could repel the zombies away with his porridge chat.

Growing up who was your favourite player and why? Could watch Cyril Rioli highlights all day – Hawks fan

Does your jersey number have any significance? Yep – only medium I could find.

What’s your go to meal post-game at the Nags? Schnitzel – bring back $12.50 shnitz

Most embarrassing moment on the footy field (yours or someone else’s)? Getting absolutely fed astroturf at Gore Hill while getting run down tackled on video. Full scorpion.

Best advice you’ve ever been given? Always kick it long.