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Mitch Thompson 100 Games: Tom Elkington Tribute

All round legend and clubman Mitch Thompson plays game 100 in the SUANFC blue and gold hoops this weekend. Prems captain, and club spiritual leader, Tom Elkington penned this tribute earlier today:

Congratulations to Mitch Thompson who plays his 100th game in the blue and gold this weekend.

When I told Mitchy of his impending 100th, he asked me, characteristically, which of his many strengths and highlights I would write about. I suppose I could talk about his penchant for U-turns, or his self-proclaimed ‘goal of the century’ in front of the Grandstand on Ladies day ’09. Maybe I should mention his unshakable hatred of umpires. Or perhaps the day he spent 120 minutes abusing a certain Swans player for being too old and too slow. No amount of off-the-ball strangling could stifle his chirps of “where’s all your pace gone” from ringing out across the SCG.

All of the above would make for great stories, but instead I am going to focus on Mitch the bloke. As is the nature with all good football clubs, someone’s character is usually valued above their footballing ability, as is the case for young Mitchell. For a man who has been selected to NEAFL representative teams and was invited to a preseason with the Swans, that speaks volumes of his character. Mitch has a self-deprecating charm that makes him eminently likable. He is always keen for a joke, yet is hardworking and dedicated. A lot has changed in Mitch’s life since he joined the club as an 18-year-old: some things for the better, and some for the worse. I am proud of him for everything he has achieved over the last 7 years and for his consistently positive nature throughout. You have been a great custodian of the Blue and Gold and will be for years to come.

Best of luck in game 100!

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