U19 Div 1

Round 1 Scoreboard

NEAFL vs Southport @ Fankhauser Reserve

“Really strong second half after being in a very close contest for two and a half quarters. Terrific composure, resilience and effort to turn the game well into our favour in the third and forth quarter. A really good round 1 win.” – Tom Morrison (NEAFL Senior Coach).

Final Score – SUANFC 15.14 104 def. Southport 10.12 72


Premier Division vs Western Suburbs @ Picken Oval

“Tight first quarter. To Wests credit they were good in the contest early, while we were set up Poorly around the contest. Quarter time adjustments from midfield coaches proved key. We went inside to outside where they were no match for our spread. 3 goals up at half time. Third quarter they kicked first 3 to square up the game. Enter Mitch Thompson. He took over the game in a 15 min burst. 12 touches, 2 goals and 3 goal assists. Generated pure drive and we lifted around him. Murphy great with Sam Ryan and Matthew Goyder. Ball use just got better of Wests as they tired. Cruised to excellent win.” – Tony Overall (Premier Division Coach).

Final Score – SUANFC 18.12 120 def. Western Suburbs 9.10 64


Blues vs Holroyd-Parramatta @ Gipps Rd Reserve

“The first quarter was spent blowing out a few cobwebs of an interrupted preseason. The 2nd we took risks and our rebound out of the back 50 was superb. We fixed a few structural issues around the contest in the second half and from there the ball movement and entry into the forward 50 was further improved. The whole team contributed on the day.” – Daniel Miller (Blues Coach).

Final Score – SUANFC 14.9 93 def. Holroyd-Parramatta 5.3 33


Colts vs East Coast Eagles @ Kanebridge Oval

“From the get go the mids had everything under control. This theme continued right to the end of the quarter, the run and carry was brilliant. The players came in at halftime and substitutes were made, commitment was the key word and everyone showed it in the second half.  The team continued with the game plan while the opposition worked some very good strategies which slowed the play down and disrupted our rhythm, scoring  much need goals. This is were our players truly came into their own,  by quickly reading the play to close down their strategy.  This game was a struggle at times, when we didn’t concentrate, but the Colts stuck it out and played to a very high level.” – Greg McDonald (Colts Coach).

Final Score – SUANFC 12.15 87 def. East Coast Eagles 7.7 49


Reds vs Western Suburbs @ Picken Oval

“We had a number of new players in this weeks team and it took us a half to gel and settle into the intensity of the game. We made a gutsy 2nd half comeback and showed glimpses of how good we can be this year but fell just short in the end. We go into next week full of confidence.” – Jim Beard (Reds Coach).

Final Score – SUANFC 9.7 61 def by. Western Suburbs 11.7 73


Golds vs UNSW/ES @ Mahoney Reserve

“A disappointing loss to start the season after it felt that we were the better team in a lot of key areas on the day. We were first to the footy and harder at the contest but they used the ball better and were more efficient. Some very good signs and excellent debuts for a lot of players. Can’t wait to show our true colours next week.” – Brent Pollock (Golds Coach).

Final Score – SUANFC 8.4 52 def by. UNSW/ES 8.7 55


Plats vs Western Suburbs @ Picken Oval

“Plats got a touch up today from a pretty good football team that was littered with guys who have played a lot of high level football & football together. We had a team of 1st timers, a couple of old timers & guys who have played 10 or so games. Effort was awesome across the board, a few things to work on when Sydney’s weather sorts itself out. Only single goal scorers on the card however Chas managed to save 10 (goals) playing across the half back line. Special mention to goes to ‘Chips’ playing his 1st game in the engine room – smashed blokes all day long league style. Went down by plenty, but plenty to look forward to & some skills looked silky. Get down to training & we will work on it together as a squad.” – Greg Nix (Plats Coach).

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