U19 Div 1

Students to contest the Gordon-Physick Cup

This weekend, the Mens’s Premier Division team take on the East Coast Eagles and play for the Gordon Physick Cup! After bringing the cup home last year, the boys are keen to get out on the field and bring the cup home once again!

The Gordon-Physick Cup was struck in 2012 to recognise two outstanding Club volunteers, Harvey “ Banger “ Gordon – SUANFC and Peter Physick – East Coast.

Banger was recruited to Sydney Uni by another Club Legend Peter “ Branch “ Ramus in 1991. Harvey was a dedicated trainer for 19 years at Newtown Angels FC and Branch played 1st  grade there while also playing 1st grade with Uni as Capt./Coach. When Newtown folded, Branch went knocking on Harvey’s door and that was the start of Bangers journey with SUANFC.

Banger became part of the furniture in the change rooms, initially strapping ankles and giving players a rub down, then later preparing power drinks, cutting and serving fruit and lollies. He could be found on the side line uttering that famous call “ kick the bloody thing “  and on the field running water and attending to the injured. Back in the rooms post game he would be setting ice packs and collecting jumpers. When all was safely stowed in “ Banger’s Shed “ he would head upstairs for a well earned libation, or two.

During Bangers 27 years of volunteer work, across all grades, I cannot remember him missing a game or trip away. He loved a team photo. The wall in his unit and albums were full of these photos and happy memories. Many were of Premiership Teams with Banger the successful trainer. He also happily attended most club functions and all presentation dinners.

That commitment and high level of support to the entire club brought Banger in contact with hundreds and hundreds of players and club members. They were his family. One of the closest friends in that family was fellow SUANFC Life Member Tim Air. There was a fair age gap between Banger and Tim, which raised the curiosity of some. When cleaning out Harvey’s unit, Tim told me he and Banger were boarding a flight for a holiday together when one of the flight crew enquired, “ is this your father?”, to which Tim simply replied “ No, he’s my best friend.” Tim, a quality individual was an even better person because of that friendship.

Their friendship grew further at Banger’s famous Sunday roast dinners. Each week in footy season, three lucky players would receive a bait to the dinner. A beer, some soup, a delicious roast (Tim said he would crawl around No. 1 for a couple of Banger’s roast spuds) a glass of wine and the finale, an old school pudding.

Banger had such a positive impact on all who interacted with him. I never saw him have a disagreement with any player or club member. You felt good about yourself and happy after a chat with him. He lived a life of significance at SUANFC. The Club did a lot for Harvey and Harvey did a lot for the Club.

Our club was built and is maintained by a group of wonderful, selfless volunteers. Harvey was one of the most valuable and significant of those volunteers.


Roger DOWN

Life Member 1984

Board Member


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