U19 Div 1

SUANFC and Heaps Normal - A Partnership for All Occasions

The Sydney University Australian National Football Club (SUANFC) is delighted to announce a new and exciting partnership with Heaps Normal for the 2024 season.

Known for its exceptional non-alcoholic beer, Heaps Normal will become the official non-alcoholic partner of SUANFC, bringing a refreshing twist to the club’s events and celebrations.

This collaboration is more than just a sponsorship; it represents a shared commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle and creating an inclusive atmosphere for all SUANFC members and supporters. Heaps Normal’s award-winning non-alcoholic beer will be prominently featured at SUANFC games and events, ensuring everyone can partake in the fun without the need for alcohol.

As part of this partnership, fans can look forward to enjoying Heaps Normal’s delicious non-alcoholic offerings at all home games and club functions. This initiative aims to foster a more inclusive and welcoming environment, where supporters of all ages and preferences can come together and celebrate the game.

SUANFC Vice President of Commercial, Michael Gazeas, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership: “We are thrilled to welcome Heaps Normal as our official non-alcoholic beer partner for the 2024 season. This partnership not only aligns with our commitment to promoting healthier choices but also enhances the inclusivity of our club events and activities.”

With Heaps Normal our side, SUANFC is set to kick off the 2024 season with a fresh and invigorating approach, celebrating Australian football while promoting a healthier, more inclusive environment for everyone involved. This partnership truly is for all occasions, ensuring that every member and supporter can enjoy the game and the camaraderie it brings.

Normalising mindful drinking by brewing beer that tastes so good, you won’t miss the alcohol, be sure to grab a delicious Heaps Normal non-alcoholic beer next time you are at Oval 1