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SUANFC Announces New Club President

At the 2021 SUANFC AGM, held on Monday 29th November, a new President of SUANFC was elected.

Sam Power, who has been at the helm of the club for the past four years, and has successfully navigated the club through the all highs and lows that have come along with it, announced he would be standing down as President, paving the way for Jim Beard to be elected to the role.

Jim Beard, who previously held a role on the board in the operations of Rainbows (Men’s lower grades) football, is a club stalwart and, amongst a number of other duties, was head coach of the extremely successful Men’s Division One Blues team for four years. Jim has shown his dedication for the club over many years, becoming the leader of the entire men’s lower grades squad, and driving a culture of celebrating all teams in the club, always pushing the one club mentality. The club is extremely excited to see Jim step into his new role at the helm of the club.

When talking to Jim about his new appointment, he was honoured to be given the opportunity to take on the role; ‘It is a tremendous honour to be elected as President of a club I love so dearly. I am very grateful to be surrounded by so many talented people both on the board and throughout the club more broadly.’

‘Together, we look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead as we strive for success on and off the field.’

‘I want to thank Sam Power for his exceptional leadership and service over the past four years. It is hard to distil Sam’s contribution to the club over this period into a few words. His care, dedication and vision as president has given the club a solid platform to build on in the future. Thank you, Sam!’

Sam will remain on the board for 2022, after he was elected as Chairperson at the 2021 Annual General Meeting.

The full results of the board election held at the 2021 Annual General Meeting are as follows:

President: Jim Beard

Chairperson: Sam Power

Secretary: Singha Lane

Treasurer: Andrew Holmes

Vice President Women’s Football: Megan Asquith

Vice President Men’s Football: Jon Dyster

Vice President Commercial: Erin Doyle

Vice President University: Jason McLennan

General Board Member: Ben Fitzpatrick

General Board Member: Abbey Hindle

General Board Member: Sophie Clarke

General Board Member: Holly Kovac

General Board Member: Evangeline Douglas

General Board Member: Tim Spehr

General Board Member: Peter Hastings

General Board Member: Roger Down

General Board Member: Oscar Gibbins

General Board Member: Michael Murray

General Board Member: James Mason

General Board Member: Gabriel Orr

SUANFC congratulates all those who have been appointed and re-appointed to the board. A particular congratulations to new President Jim Beard, and thank you to outgoing President and new Chairperson, Sam Power. We are extremely excited to see what the club can achieve as we head into 2022 and beyond.