U19 Div 1


SUANFC is excited to be the first event day of the season- 2024 SUANFC Partners & Friends day!
A day for everyone to come together- partners, friends and family- to celebrate each and every one of the amazing supporters behind our players!
The weekend will kick off with some exciting Friday Night Lights footy, with our Mens Premier Division team taking on Inner West Magpies under lights at Oval No.1 on Friday 3rd May- and on Saturday the fun continues with a day of quality football that sees our Womens Premier Division team take the field to take on Parramatta Goannas plus lots more footy with 4 more matches, delicious food and drinks and exciting activities for all throughout the day!
The fun doesn’t end after a full day of football- the festivities and celebrations will continue as we invite everyone to join us upstairs at The Grandstand (above Oval 1) for the after party.


Friday 3rd May- Mens Premier Division vs Inner West Magpies @ 7.30pm

Saturday 4th May- Partners & Friends Day 

8.30am- Men’s U19.5 Div 1 vs Inner West
10.25am- Men’s Div 1 vs Inner West
12.30pm- Women’s Premier Div vs Parramatta Goannas
2.15pm- Women’s Div 1 vs Parramatta Goannas
4pm- Men’s Div 2 vs Souther Power
6pm- Partners & Friends Day After Party
Sydney Uni Oval No.1 (after party from 6pm upstairs at The Grandstand)

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