U19 Div 1

Club Song

1, 2, 3, the uni boys are we
4, 5, 6, we’ve got ‘em in a fix
7, 8, 9, we’ll do it every time
It’ll be a hot time on the old town toniiiight, hey!

Flying all our flags, hey!
Premierships galore, hey!
Since 1887, boys
We’ll win a thousand more

Victorious, victorious
The Bouncers* won again and ain’t it glorious?
Thank Christ there are no more of us
‘cos one of us could beat the bloody lot – without his boots on!
‘cos one of us could beat the bloody lot – watch out September!
The uni boys are on their waaay-A-A

*reference to “The Bouncers” dates to the “Birth of the Bouncers” a period in the development of the game we now call Australian Football. During this period, those playing “Melbourne Rules” were allowed to pick the ball up, run with it and bounce the ball making it distinct from a game later to be identified as rugby.

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