Training Schedule

Preseason Training (Monday 5th March – Wednesday 28th March)

Premier Division/PD Reserves – St Pauls College, 6-8pm, Monday & Wednesday (Runners Only)

Colts Div 1 & 2 – St Pauls Oval, 6-8pm, Monday & Wednesday (Runners Only)

Blues/Reds/Golds/Masters – St Johns Fields, 6-8pm, Monday & Wednesday


Regular Season Training (Monday 2nd April – Thursday 23rd August)


Premier Division/PD Reserves – Alan Davidson Oval, Alexandria, Time TBC

Colts Div 1 & 2 – No.1 Oval, University of Sydney, 4.30-6.30pm

Blues/Reds/Golds/Masters – St Johns Fields, 6-8pm


Reds/Golds/Plats/Masters – St Johns Fields, 6-8pm


Premier Division/PD Reserves – No.1 Oval, University of Sydney, 6-8pm

Colts Div 1 & 2 – No.1 Oval, University of Sydney, 4.30-6pm


In case of wet weather or other changes to SUANFC’s training schedule, please check our wet weather updates page here.