Board & Staff

Daniela Paszkiewicz | General Manager



All of the below Board positions were filled at the 2021 AGM. For enquiries related to the AGM, please contact

Jim Beard | President

Singha Lane | Secretary

Sam Power | Chairperson

Andrew Holmes | Treasurer

Erin Doyle | Vice President - Commercial

Jon Dyster | Vice President - Men's Football

Megan Asquith | Vice President - Women's Football

Jason McLennan | Vice President - University

Peter Hastings | Legal & Integrity Officer

Ben Fitzpatrick | General Member

Roger Down | General Member

Michael Murray | General Member

Tim Spehr | General Member

Sophie Clarke | General Member

Oscar Gibbins | General Member

James Mason | General Member- Events

Abbey Hindle | General Member- Events

Holly Kovac | General Member

Evangeline Douglas | General Member

Gabriel Orr | General Member

Tom Kirkham | General Member- Commercial

Adam Birman | General Member