U19 Div 1


Founded in 1887, we are one of the oldest and most esteemed AFL clubs in Australia, our club is a vibrant community, welcoming not only university students but also members from all corners of the broader community. With over 400 playing members annually across 12 grades, including Sydney’s men’s and women’s Premier Division, SUANFC is a hub of activity for men and women of all abilities. We’re committed to providing opportunities for everyone to engage with AFL in Sydney, fostering a spirit of inclusivity, diversity, and respect.

Our community reaches beyond the players; it encompasses their families, alumni, and friends who share in the journey of every kick, goal, and triumph. It’s a network where past players and supporters remain integral, continually contributing to the club’s evolving narrative. 

To sustain and grow this vibrant community and compete at the highest level, we rely on the support of forward-thinking companies that resonate with our vision and values. When you choose to sponsor SUANFC, you’re not just sponsoring a club; you’re investing in a diverse and dynamic community that thrives on camaraderie, achievement, and the love of the game.

Join us in this journey, and be a part of something bigger than the game – a community where everyone is welcome, and every contribution matters.

Over 90% of members would preference a product/service provided by a club sponsor

Per 2023 Feedback Survey




Become a partner

  • Prestigious Association: Partner with a club that is not just a sports team but a part of Australia’s AFL heritage.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Benefit from high visibility through logo placements, targeted marketing campaigns, and bespoke promotional activities.
  • Exclusive Access and Events: Enjoy VIP access to games, special events, and opportunities to engage with award-winning athletes and club legends.
  • Community Impact: Play a pivotal role in our community initiatives, supporting the growth and development of young athletes.