U19 Div 1

Mens Premier Division; Season So Far

Head Coach: Tom Morrison

Senior Assistant Coach: Lindsay Scown

Line Coaches: Katie Dean, Lewis Stevenson


How has the team been performing in the first half of the season?

The Men’s Premier Division team had a poor start to the season but have made a lot of steady improvements to individual, line and team performances as well as how we operate as a coaching group.

The rain effected last month of pre season really hurt us and as a result of that we went from 1 injured player (Peter Spurling – surgery before joining the club) to in excess of 20 when the season hit. Not ideal but it created other opportunities for a number of young debutantes and encouraged us all to ensure we worked harder.


What have been some highlights of the season so far?

  • I believe we have had 13 debutantes so far this year and 9-10 of those are 19 years of age or under.
  • Each week we have shown improvement in the way that we want to play. There is a clear brand in all three areas of the game now.
  • A number of debutants have won the rising start award or have been in line to do so. Their contribution and development has been a highlight.
  • Consistent style of play across Prems and Reserves teams and a strong culture within the group, no rift across grades at all.
  • The bond between team mates from one season to now is evident.
  • Training standards have improved a lot, with a focus on continual improvement on how we play as our focus.


What has been the highlight for you as a coach this season?

The amount of improvement across all areas of the program from round 1 to now. That has been satisfying. Our ability to educate players in different roles and fast track the development of younger players has been a real highlight.


What do you see as the biggest challenge/s for your team going into the second half of the season?

Maintaining motivation and training standards. The management of the points situation, injuries and training facility access.


What does success look like for your team?
Getting kids drafted, making grand final in both grades (Mens Premier Div, and Mens Premier Div Reserves), seeing further improvement in all areas of the program.
What are some key games coming up in the second half of the season for your team?
Every game. Every week we have challenges with injury, availability, points and how we manage this to ensure we can perform across both grades on the weekend.
Who are some key players within your team to keep an eye on, and why?
Depends on your flavour…

New – Izaac Hughes, Luke Gallen, Tom van Dongen, Riley Lucas, Sam Wood, Harry Whitaker, Sam Bennett, Matt Vicic, Jack Dimery, Dylan Abdurahman, Oscar Davis, Louis Wilson, Riley Fitzroy, Peter Spurling, Nick Tsindos.

New roles or reliable – AC, Monty Krochmal, Spencer Krochmal, Michael Nettheim, Nick Foster, Jack Pullinger, Cooper Searle, Sam Gilfedder, Jack Hiscox, Austin Lucy.

Stars – Lewis Stevenson, Aaron Day.

The return of Tim Barton has and will be an interesting one.


(Answers provided by; Tom Morrison)

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