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Kyle 'Undies' Underwood: Leading On and Off the Field

Men’s reserves captain is making a difference in the community by coaching at our pathway club.

In an admirable blend of leadership and community engagement, Kyle ‘Undies’ Underwood, the captain of SUANFC Men’s Reserves, has been leveraging his football acumen to make a difference at Glebe Greyhounds. This initiative not only highlights the commitment of our senior players to fostering emerging talent but also underscores the invaluable role of our pathway clubs.

Underwood took the reins of the Greyhounds’ U17s Division 2 team this season and is set to coach their Division 1 side next year. His experience has been overwhelmingly positive, driven by a synergy of support from Sydney University and the passionate community surrounding the Glebe Greyhounds.

“The opportunity to coach came through Sydney Uni’s encouragement and the incredible support I’ve received from both the club and Glebe’s parents. It’s been rewarding on many fronts,” Underwood said. The players under his guidance have shown an eagerness to learn, a crucial factor that culminated in a premiership win this season.

Looking ahead to the next season, Underwood has his sights set on maintaining the high standards instilled in the team. “The plan is to integrate new talent from the U15s and establish a smooth transition for our top-age players into Sydney Uni’s Colts program. I’m also keen on my personal growth as a coach,” said Underwood.

SUANFC president and former Glebe Greyhound, Jim Beard, commended Underwood for contributing to the growth of AFL in the region, “it’s important for us as a club to view our pathway clubs as part of the family. Their success is our success and the work Undies has done is a great example of how SUANFC can have a positive impact on the broader community.”

Kyle’s stint as a coach at Glebe serves as a model for other SUANFC players who have contemplated getting involved in coaching or volunteering at pathway clubs. It’s more than just giving back; it’s about enriching the sport we all love and creating a framework for success that benefits everyone in our extended football family.

Are you inspired to make a difference? Your expertise and leadership could be the guiding light for our stars of tomorrow. Contact the club to learn how you can contribute to our pathway clubs.