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Matt Vicic Takes on New Challenge with Sydney Swans VFL Team

SUANFC proudly acknowledges the remarkable journey of Matt Vicic, as he transitions from being the head coach of our men’s team to taking up an assistant coaching role with the Sydney Swans VFL team.

Matt Vicic Sydney AFL

Vicic’s relationship with SUANFC stretches back over a decade, beginning with his involvement in the U19 Colts program. His progression into the NEAFL side as a talented tall forward marked the start of a significant tenure with the club. When an opportunity to play was no longer viable, Vicic seamlessly shifted to coaching, applying his deep understanding of the game as a forward line coach. His strategic expertise played a vital role in the Students’ consistent finals appearances in the NEAFL, showcasing his adaptability and acumen in the game’s tactical aspects.

After the NEAFL’s dissolution in 2020, Vicic continued his coaching journey with SUANFC as part of the coaching team who lead the team to an AFL Sydney Premiership win in 2020. This transition from player to coach and his success across different formats of the game underscore his adaptability and dedication to football.

Speaking about his new role, Vicic shared, “Challenging myself in a new role and system at the Sydney Swans VFL team is an exciting step. I’m keen to learn from the experienced coaches and bring my insights to the table.”

Reflecting on his departure from SUANFC, Vicic expressed mixed emotions. “It’s bittersweet to leave SUANFC after 11 years. The club has been a significant part of my life, and I’ve formed lifelong friendships here. I’m leaving the program at a high point, which makes it even more emotional,” he said.

Looking ahead to SUANFC’s future, Vicic remains optimistic. “The current squad has tremendous potential. Aiming for a flag should definitely be on their radar. I have full confidence in their abilities,” he remarked.

Matt Vicic’s path from a promising player in the Colts to a respected coach at SUANFC, and now to an assistant coach with the Sydney Swans VFL, is a testament to his growth, resilience, and commitment to the sport. His journey within SUANFC remains an inspiration to many, and his new role is viewed not just as a personal achievement but also as a proud moment for the club.