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Rainbows, Gems and Masters 2024 coaching announcement

We are glad to announce that Amy O’Reilly, Evie Douglas, James Mason, Justin Hazleton, Tony Edser and Cluny Archibald will be coaching our Rainbows, Gems and Masters in 2024.

As the Sydney University Australian National Football Club (SUANFC) looks ahead to the 2024 season, we are proud to announce a stellar lineup of coaches who will lead our teams across various divisions. In a sport where passion fuels the game, these volunteer coaches embody the heart and soul of our club, dedicating countless hours to nurturing talent, fostering team spirit, and building a culture of success.

Women’s Division 3 (Gems): Amy O’Reilly and Evie Douglas 

Amy O’Reilly joined the SUANFC in 2021, making a significant impact as a dynamic lefty winger/half-back in both the Prems and Reserves. Her transition into coaching following a hip surgery demonstrates her unwavering dedication to the club and her desire to deepen her understanding of the game. O’Reilly’s enthusiasm for SUANFC stems from its welcoming atmosphere and the perfect blend of competitive spirit and camaraderie that it fosters.

Evie Douglas, a formidable force in the midfield, moved to Sydney from WA and quickly found her home with Sydney Uni in 2020. Leading the Gems as captain in 2022, Douglas experienced the highs and lows of competitive footy, narrowly missing out on a premiership in a heart-stopping prelim final. Her resolve for redemption and deep love for the sport drive her coaching philosophy, aiming to inspire and lead the Gems to victory in 2024. Douglas values the club’s culture of inclusivity and teamwork, aspiring to foster a winning spirit while nurturing lifelong friendships.

Men’s Division 2 (Blues): James Mason

James Mason, a key player in the Blues’ back-to-back premierships in 2019 and 2020, steps into his coaching role with a wealth of playing and leadership experience. Over the past two years, Mason has guided the team through a highly competitive division, showcasing his strategic prowess and dedication to developing young talent. His optimism for the influx of enthusiastic new players underlines his commitment to not just coaching but cultivating a strong, cohesive team ready to surpass previous seasons’ achievements.

Men’s Division 3 (Reds): Justin Hazleton

Since joining SUANFC in 2009, Justin Hazleton has been an integral part of the club’s growth, transitioning from a player in the inaugural Colts program to a coach of the Rainbows. Last season, Hazleton skilfully integrated new talent and returning Colts, laying a foundation for a vibrant team culture aimed at achieving greatness. His forward-looking approach to coaching, combined with a focus on young energy and talent, sets the stage for a promising pursuit of a flag in 2024.

Men’s Division 5 (Golds): Tony Edser

Tony Edser brings a storied history of achievement to his coaching role, including captaining a premiership-winning team and achieving individual accolades. His resilience in the face of last season’s challenges has fostered a team that is ready to take on the future with determination and a shared vision. Edser’s focus on team development, combined with the integration of new players, signifies a bright future for the team, with aspirations of flag success grounded in a strong, supportive team culture

Men’s Over 35s (Masters): Cluny Archibald

With over 25 years at SUANFC and three premierships to his name, Cluny Archibald embodies the spirit and legacy of the club. His vision for the Masters team goes beyond winning games; it’s about celebrating the game of AFL, ensuring a fun, injury-free season, and leveraging the maturity and development of the squad. Archibald’s long-standing dedication to the club and his commitment to the Masters team exemplify the best of volunteer coaching and the profound impact it can have on a community.

As we look ahead to the 2024 season, SUANFC extends its deepest gratitude to these volunteer coaches for their dedication, passion, and the vibrant community they continue to build. Under their guidance, each team is set to achieve new heights, fueled by a shared love for the game and a commitment to excellence.