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SUANFC and Growthbuilt Continue Partnership into 2021

SUANFC is excited to announce its continued partnership with Growthbuilt for 2021. Since coming on board as naming rights sponsor in 2018, Growthbuilt has been a big part of SUANFC’s many successes and the close collaboration between both Growthbuilt and SUANFC over the past three years has certainly seen the partnership thrive. Working so closely with Growthbuilt on events throughout the year, as well as regularly welcoming Growthbuilt to game days, has been fantastic in allowing so many of the SUANFC community be able to meet and get to know so many of the Growthbuilt team. Each year (bar 2020 due to the restrictions in place), being able to play an ‘initiation game’ combining a Growthbuilt team and an SUANFC team has certainly created a strong bond between the two organisations, and provided many laughs and memories along the way.


When SUANFC looks back at great successes and achievements that the club has accomplished since partnering with Growthbuilt, we certainly can’t look past the historic merging of the Men’s and Women’s clubs which occurred at the end of 2019. Growthbuilt was certainly a powerful advocate in this merger, having called for the equality between the men’s and women’s teams giving the clubs the final push they needed to come together as one. While 2020 was a tough year across the board, and restrictions barred SUANFC from hosting events, large game days and even just having spectators at game days- SUANFC and Growthbuilt are both extremely excited for the 2021 season. Growthbuilt is excited to see SUANFC continue to flourish in 2021, and SUANFC are excited to see the friendly faces of the Growthbuilt team supporting us at games across both the Men’s and Women’s divisions.


The relationship between SUANFC and Growthbuilt certainly goes beyond just naming rights sponsor, and SUANFC counts itself extremely lucky to have been able to partner with, and continue to partner with, an organisation that shares our values and morals. The prospect of continuing to align our brands together through various means is extremely exciting, and no doubt the deep and strong relationship that exists between SUANFC and Growthbuilt will continue to grow and prosper for years to come.


We thank Growthbuilt for their ongoing support and look forward to another big year in 2021!


Find out more about SUANFC naming rights sponsor, Growthbuilt, HERE

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