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2016 SUANFC Rolling Best & Fairest (Round 1-3)

We’re 3 rounds deep into the 2016 season, with the Students having collected 14 wins from a possible 22 games. Among these 14 wins, coaches, supporters, teammates and opponents have witnessed many stellar individual performances, worthy of recognition.

In 2016, SUANFC will provide readers with a rolling Best & Fairest coverage, highlighting impressive performances from players across all 7 SUANFC teams every 3 weeks. The voting system for SUANFC B&F awards uses a 6-5-4-3-2-1 system, with the best player on the day receiving 6 votes.



Matt Rawlinson started his Driscoll Medal defence in fine form, with a best-on-ground performance in round 1 against the UWS Giants.

Rawlinson picked up 32 disposals and laid 7 tackles, while teammates, Tom Young (24 disposals, 2 goals), Lewis Stevenson (27 disposals), Sam Fong (26 disposals) and Mike Manteit (3 goals) were also notable.

Lewis Stevenson was the stand-out performer in round 2 against the NT Thunder, collecting 39 disposals. Matt Rawlinson picked up another 32 disposals and kicked 2 goals, while on his debut for the club; Jarrod Irving was outstanding down back, holding Darren Ewing to just 1 goal.

Away to Southport, Lewis Stevenson was once again the stand-out, collecting 26 disposals and kicking 2 goals.

Mike Manteit kicked 3 goals for the third time this season, while Jacob Derickx booted a season high 4 goals.

Once again, in just his second game for the club, Jarrod Irving shutdown his second high-profile opponent.

Jack Anthony could only manage the 1 goal for the game, as Irving continued to prove himself as a handy addition to the Students in 2016.

Besides the likes of Lewis Stevenson, Matt Rawlinson and Tom Young, Erol Sertbas and Sam Tagliabue have been consistent performers throughout the first 3 rounds.

Sertbas is averaging 20.7 disposals a game, while Tagliabue has done an excellent job providing the Students’ midfield first use around stoppages.



After 3 rounds of football, Nick Bowen has been the stand-out performer for the Prems in 2016.

An ever-reliable backman, Bowen has the ability to play deep on key forwards, or hurt the opposition with his run on the rebound.

Bowen has been named among the best twice so far in season 2016, including a best-on-ground performance against UTS last week.

Other notable performers for the Prems this season include the likes of Matt Vicic, Allister Clarke, Aron Everett and Oliver Mahoney.

Vicic is the leading goal kicker for the Prems this season, kicking a total of 8 goals in just 3 games.

Clarke has been named among the Students best twice so far, while Everett took the best-on-ground honours for round 1.

Oliver Mahoney was best afield for the Students in round 2, after playing round 1 for the Blues.



After a tough start to 2016, the Blues have found some consistency in the past 2 rounds; thanks to a well spread team effort that has seen 13 different players’ poll votes in just 3 rounds.

Sam Ryan’s fine form has seen him become the only Blues player to be named among the best in all 3 games this season.

Nick Lloyd, Ryan Kennedy and Michael Fogarty have all managed 2 mentions in the Students best, while Gabe Robbie has kicked 7 goals in his last 2 games.

Riordan Lee could be one to watch in 2016, after his best-on-ground performance in round 1.



Adam Birman has enjoyed a strong start to the season, having been named best afield in his 2 games for the Reds this season.

In round 2, Birman was elevated to the Blues, where he was again named among the best.

Plats coach; Brent Pollock, Stephen Lloyd, Oscar Read and Sam Bailey were notable performers in 2 of the first 3 rounds.

Charles Allworth and Callum Kennedy have also been among the votes in 2016.



14 different players for the Golds have received votes so far in 2016.

Harry Murdoch, Luke Higgins, Chris Mohen and Leigh McWeirter are the only Golds’ to have received multiple votes.

Murdoch was named best-on-ground against UTS, while also performing well in round 1.

Higgins, Mohen and McWeirter have yet to be named best afield, but have been playing good football consistently in 2016.

Ryan Nyberg and Tim Lay were named best-on-ground in round 1 & 2.



After 3 rounds, it’s the Plats who have the widest B&F race of the 7 teams, with 16 players receiving votes.

Caleb St Ather and Tom Edwards are the only two players to have been named among the best, with St Ather being named best afield in round 2, while Edwards has been named second best-on for two of his 3 games.

Luther Canute and Axel Norris are the other 2 to have claimed best-on-ground honours for the Plats this year.

Harry Skacel, David Starkey, Nigel Tao and Luke Girgis have also enjoyed good performances throughout  the first few games of the season.



Rowdy Friend has started the 2016 season in devastating fashion, claiming best afield honours in 2 of the first 3 games for 2016.

Helping the Colts to an undefeated start, Friend has been a major factor in the Colts success, teaming with the likes of Oscar Gibbins and Yarlalu Thomas in defence.

Gibbins and Thomas have shut down the opposition’s most talented forwards in every game of 2016, with no individual opponent kicking more than 3 goals against the Colts this year.

In the middle, Harry Lalor, Nick Bertino and Xavier Nelson have also been impressive, while wingman Jack Fox could be one to watch, after his best-on-ground performance in round 3.







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