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SUANFC Announce 2019 Board Members

The 2018 SUANFC AGM was held on Wednesday, November 21 at the TAG Function Room at Sydney University. The 2018 Committee was dissolved and a new Board for 2019 was elected. The results of the elections are as per below:

President – Sam Power

Chairman – Jason McLennan

VP Senior Football – Richard Hawtin

VP Junior Football – Jon Dyster

VP Commercial & Major Events – To be determined

Secretary – Michael Murray

Treasurer – Andrew Holmes

Alumni – Roger Down

Regulatory & Legal – Peter Hastings, QC

Player Representatives – Tom Ayton, Riordan Lee

General Members – Ian Evans, Jan Ramus, Chris Corby, Scott Morgan

You can obtain an abridged copy of the 2018 SUANFC Annual Report here

To obtain the Minutes from the AGM or the unabridged Annual Report, please contact Club Secretary Michael Murray via email – mmurray@suanfc.com

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