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SUANFC Names the 2021 Senior Mens & Womens Best & Fairest Recipients

Over the past week, the club has revealed our 2021 SUANFC Award Recipients. From team awards to club wide on-field and club wide off-field awards, we were excited to be able to acknowledge the hard work of so many within the club over the tough year that was 2021. With a total of 58 extremely well deserving recipients receiving awards (and many more being nominated for awards) it truly shows how many talented, hard-working, dedicated and committed individuals make up this club.

The Senior Men’s and Women’s Best & Fairest awards each year are the pinnacle of our On-Field Awards, and this years winners were once again extremely impressive (even in a COVID impacted shortened season) making them extremely deserving winners.

In the Women’s Premier Division side, the recipient of the 2021 Best & Fairest Award was Bella Gray. Bella put on a strong consistent performance in 2021 with her consistent intercept marking in the back line, and really showed herself as a leader of the group with her confident presence at quarter time huddles, always supporting her teammates.

Women’s Premier Division Head Coach, Yucel Celenk, agrees that the award could not have gone to a more deserving recipient: ‘Bella had an outstanding season; she really deserved the award.’

‘I’m sure her teammates will testify that by Round 9, Bella was one of the best halfbacks in the competition. Consistently dominating her opponents and making real contributions towards her team’s performances in every game. I’m proud of her as will many others be. Congratulations, and well-done Bella!’

Bella herself, is extremely proud to have received the award this year; ‘I love playing and training with all the girls and being a part of SUANFC so thank you! I have had so much fun and am grateful for the great bunch of people that are in SUANFC! Looking forward to the 2022 season, Giddy up!


In the Men’s Premier Division side, the recipient of the 2021 Tim Driscoll Medallist for the Best & Fairest was Lewis Stevenson. Lewis is no stranger around the club, and is outstanding in leadership, on the field and off, and dedication to training and games- along with that, Lewis consistently dominates the competition and has done so over a number of years.

Out going Men’s Premier Division Head Coach, Tom Morrison, is always impressed with Lewis’s selflessness, dedication and of course, performance on the field:

‘Stevo has been a leader of our football club since arriving 7 years ago. He’s dominated both the NEAFL and Prems competitions after a successful AFL career. He’s a very selfless and caring leader who is diligent with his preparation and has continued to be one of, if not the best, trainers in his time at the club.’

‘He’s coupled this with a midfield coaching role for 5 years and has juggled these roles extremely well, overachieving in both simultaneously. No doubt he will go down as one of our clubs greatest player and perhaps the most competent player we have had at the club.’

‘He’s well-liked by everyone because he is a genuine person with no agenda outside helping individuals and the club move forward. What a terrific coach, player, leader and most importantly person we have in Lewis at SUANFC!’


Lewis was extremely honoured and thankful to receive the Best & Fairest award for 2021; ‘Winning the Driscoll medal is such an honour for me. Reflecting on past winners and in particular Tim Driscoll, the absolute legend of the club who the medal is named after makes it a very proud moment for me.’

‘A massive thanks goes to the board and football department, support staff, coaches and supporters. But most of all my team mates, individual awards aren’t possible without the hard work and dedication from you guys so thank you for your efforts!’

‘I also want recognise out going coach, Tom Morrison’s contribution to the club. He has been the glue that has held the club together for the better part of the last decade, and although his titles were player and coach, he played a huge variety of unofficial roles to help this club run and succeed at a very high level. It’s amazing to see him get an opportunity at the level his commitment and ability deserves, I wish him all the best! Looking forward to seeing you all next year!!’


Congratulations to our two Mens & Womens Best & Fairest Recipients for 2021- two extremely talented, competent and selfless players who consistently do SUANFC proud!!


See the 2021 Honour Roll here, or be sure to head to our Facebook and Instagram to relive the announcements and see all award winners.


Congratulations to all involved with the club in 2021- although another tough year, in true SUANFC fashion the club banded together to come out stronger on the other side!!

A special congratulations to all of our 2021 Award Winners!!

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