U19 Div 1

VALE Roy Wilkinson

RIP Roy John Wilkinson – 03.07.1939 to 24.07.2020 

The Club wishes to express its deepest condolences to our long serving player, past President and Life Member Chas, on the passing of his beloved dad Roy. Our thoughts at this time are with Chas, his brother Sam and mum Pru, as well as the wider family.

Roy was very well known to many of us around the Club. I think I met him at No.1 not that long after Chas joined up, maybe it was at the Forest Lodge, many of us got to know him personally. He was young at heart, great company (avoiding the ID check at the Marlborough Hotel and other nearby locations on occasion) and he told some sparkling yarns from a life very well lived. Above all, what we knew Roy for was his love and care for his son Chas and later as a loving grandfather to Chas’s daughter Eva.

Roy made regular visits to NSW to spend time with Chas when he lived interstate which meant regular interaction with the footy club. When he moved to Sydney, Roy became a regular at games at all levels of the Club, often caring for Eva and Barney (the dog) whilst Chas continued his seemingly perpetual playing career. Roy may be remembered by some (other than visually as “the older longer haired version of Chas”) when doing a duty at a home game. Possibly his effort to bring much needed higher culinary standards to the Club via his delicious pulled pork rolls is what many a Student will remember of Roy for years to come. If not for Roy’s presence at several Club finals games over the years, it’s an open question as to whether Chas would have survived the emotional rollercoaster. He understood his son and his son’s passion and commitment for the Club and was there in support no matter the result.

A memorial service will be held for Roy at Nowra tomorrow. SUANFC players will wear black armbands this weekend to honour Roy’s memory. Chas hopes to be at the Premier Division game against the Bats at 3pm if family commitments allow.

We salute Roy and thank him for his support over the years. He will always be very fondly remembered at SUANFC.

Jason McLennan – Chairman

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